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Dates Of Obsession

Gradually started ever since the start of university, but only really grew obsessed with it around the 2nd term making it Feb. 2002. Still bothers me, but I have largely solved the problem.


Story Behind Obsession

In my hall of residence there are 3 toilets in the toilet room nearest my room, so each time I wish to make a donation I have to make a choice as to which one to use:

Toilet 1: Nearest to door, however tends to have tell tale urine samples left on toilet seat which need to be wiped off before use.

Toilet 2: Looks good, but seat tilts, so depending on your wiping style can be uncomfortable.

Toilet 3: First time I thought about using this toilet someone had thoughtfully left a rather large poo in the toilet which put me off.

Initially I used toilet 1, which didn't wobble and didn't have a rather large poo in it, however I gradually got annoyed at there seemingly always being urine on the seat, However one fine day I decided to take a wee wee standing up (I'm a lazy sit down wee'er) and found that the seat would not stay up, and I finally understood why these inconsiderate people were pissing on the seat; It wouldn't actually stay up!
I later decided to reevaluate toilet 3, after my horrific ordeal, and found it actually quite a pleasant toilet, and now use it regularly.



There are apparently 3 distinct ways of wiping your bum:

  • tilters - Stay sat down and tilt bum to wipe it.
  • Half-standers - slightly stand up and wipe.
  • Full-standers - stand up straight and wipe.

Now each type thinks that their way is the only reasonable way and that the others are unhygienic.


Peak Obsession Level



mans legs out of toilet

toilet, stay in your car sign


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