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Dates Of Obsession

This obsession started near the start of uni life, around mid-October 2001 and is still going on.


Story Behind Obsession

This is due to the fact that many times after a night out (or even a night in) all the people on my corridor would gather in our kitchen and eat an excessive amount of toast. We had a vast array of toast, and more spreads than we could possibly want, we had little toast parties where we would just keep the toast coming, and everyone would eat loads. As the toast parties became more frequent we somehow managed to get the idea that we were a toast club. This was all jolly funny as I'm sure you have guessed, we even printed a list of the toast club committee members, with names and roles and everything! Unfortunately the list has been lost, but I think most people still know their roles. The next toast club Idea is to all get official toast club tops, with a logo and our names on the back. Unfortunately this has split the club quite badly in what kind of top we want etc., so we are still in discussion. Hopefully it will get sorted some time.



One time in a charity shop my friend and I saw a toast rack, it was fantastic, and what's more it only cost 30p!! we instantly bought it (each providing 15p) and have used it ever since (occasionally) I don't know what happens if we ever don't live in the same house! there could be blood shed!

My role in toast club was "General Toast Manager"

A friend in Aberystwyth uni, whom I invited to start a chapter of toast club went behind my back and started "the order of the toast" which is a blasphemous cult who worship the dark side of toast, and must be stopped at all costs, fortunately they only have 2 members as far as I know.

www.drtoast.com - Some weird doctor of toast, quite amusing if you like toast

visit the official toast club website

I think one reason we had so much toast was the Flora.

Peak Obsession Level


Toaster with Toast?



Little Toaster


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