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Dates Of Obsession

Almost the whole of the first term of uni, from around the 20th October till 14th December.


Story Behind Obsession

I took a coat to uni with me, however, it was, what I would term, a boy-Coat. It was not suitable for going out in and it didn't show my full adultness, I tried many ways to be more adult; I wondered around naked, I glued on hair to my face, I spoke with a gruff voice. None of these methods helped, and then I pinpointed the problem. I then became slightly obsessed with trying to find a MAN-COAT. I tried many shops, but they were either crap, or mega-expensive (I am northern after all). Then one day I found a man-coat. I bought the coat and was finally happy. People began to respect me, and I was no longer attacked upon sight. However, this is not quite the end of our story, for one day I noticed that a hole had appeared in the coat (shock-horror) just above the pocket, this was not good for my manliness, I could almost feel it seeping out. To my dismay I had to return the coat. Unfortunately at the shop there were no more in my size so I had to leave without my manliness. For many days and many nights I had to wander the streets, bereft of my manliness, and also my best friend. Luckily for my manliness and sanity I did find another man-coat, and we are very happy together, but I will never forget my first ever man-coat.



My man-coat was £50 and my manliness was increased by 200%, thats 4% per £1 spent!


Peak Obsession Level


a man, and all because of the coat

this man must not have any trouble pulling the ladies!

this coat must have worked, look at the honey!!!


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