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Dates Of Obsession

This obsessions started shortly after starting uni, which would place it around the 5th October. The obsession calmed down a couple of weeks later, but it has now become a valued part of my arsenal and pops up again occasionally.


Story Behind Obsession

There are many strange young fellows you meet at uni, one young man I met was called Ivy, he seems to think he is a cockney, even though he is actually from Dover. I found it quite hilarious the way he spoke, so I instantly had to mimic his every word, the most interesting being his use of the word 'Lush'. This word expresses goodness and that fact that the subject of the sentence is a good t'ing. Many a happy hour was spent by me saying 'lush' in as many ways as I could think of, normally to the irritation of everybody else. The word did get quite a following, and most people would say it occasionally. Apparently, if you go up to a beautiful lady, look her up and down sleazy like, and say 'luuuuusshhhhh' then this is the greatest approval a lady can receive and hence she will be yours. However, for some reason I don't think we ever got round to testing that one.



Other greatly repeated words/phrases from my first term of uni include: Hardcore, 'Do you LIKE the way....' (followed by anything e.g. "do you LIKE the way they didn't ask us"). Yeahhhhhhhhh, Mega... (as in mega mood), Harsh, Blatantly.

Lushing is quite addictive, but support groups are available for those afflicted by this illness.

There is a band from yesteryear called Lush, they did actually do some songs that did quite well such as 'single girl'.

NEW Lush Samples:


Peak Obsession Level


lush - from a band of the same name.

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