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Dates Of Obsession

Ran parallel with the toast club obsession from October 2001.


Story Behind Obsession

In my halls of residence we have meals provided, now as a spread for the bread provided there is a tray full of little Flora tubs. We would take some and use them to make our bread more tasty, however we would often have a few left, and we got to thinking that we could take them out of the dinner hall with us and use them for our own margarine purposes. Now there was a problem with this, there was a sign on the way out stating "no food or cutlery to be removed" this presented a challenge!, I remember sneaking out with little tubs secreted all about my person.

So we started to collect all our Floras in our fridge, this was great, margarine on tap!! but then we started to realise that we were all a bit too good at stealing them. The pile got bigger and bigger and started to fill up the fridge, expanding at an exponential rate, it even started to develop sentience! Well this was all very good, but then we got to the end of term and they were all still there, and some people were still stealing (I mean "backing up") them. We thought maybe we could have them next term, but we realised they had a best before date around the end of december. Unfortunately I went back home at the end of term before everyone else, so I don't actually know what we did, so sorry for getting you all excited and leaving you high and dry!



The vast majority of the Flora was used for the purposes of "toast club"

Flora is apparently reasonably good for you, and is tastelicious!

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Flora tub

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