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Recent Additions:

25/02/2002 - Updated Lush page - added example lush's.
25/02/2002 - My Toilet: It's not all cheese and biscuits at uni you know.
25/04/2002 - Updated Geoff page, finally found out the truth!!!
16/02/2002 - Flora: demonstrating my northerness.
16/02/2002 - Toast Club: Isn't it quite nice, and not just cooked bread.
16/02/2002 - Finally got round to updating the website.
08/01/2002 - IMPORTANT: I have moved the site to www.fluxmunki.com the old entrances to the site should now take you to this page, but please update any bookmarks.
08/01/2002 - Updated Geoff page.
08/01/2002 - Man-Coat: obviously now that I am at uni I no longer classify as a boy.
08/01/2002 - Lush: Early on at uni developed obsession with this word.
08/01/2002 - After first term of uni have finally got round to doing an update to the site, hopefully more will come occasionally. For the older obsessions go to the archive. for the (very) old site click here.

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