Dates Of Obsession

This started a week or two ago, for arguments sake we'll say 20th August.

Story Behind Obsession

There are some people who are just fantastic, who you can't possibly live without, everyone has lists of people that they think are great, somehow my friend and I managed to conceive the idea that these people are in fact immortal, as they never seem to age. This obviously lead onto the idea that they are immortal in a Highlander stylee, in that there "can be only one" and that they hunt each other and then if they decapitate another immortal they gain their power and stuff, and the last one left standing gets the top prize (you get nothing for a pair, "NOT IN THIS GAME"). Many people seem to realise that these people are special, but if they were tuly immortal then how can we explain the poor immortals that are sadly dead? The explanation here nicely ties up all loose ends!


Don't know if this is in good taste? but perhaps we could run a sweep stake on who will win? Im bagsying old Rolf.

Added some more immortals, mainly due to requests the Geoff picture was perhaps the most impossible to find, It took pages of searches and hours on the net but I found it here so many thanks to that site. I was (probably mistakenly) told that the actor who played Geoff had died, since then all evidence has been to the contrary so I uncrossed him. So until I find his body I'll assume he's alive.
Added two more immortals - Green Giant and Mr T

The immortals that I know about so far are here, if you know of any other immortals email me, and I will research them and decide if they are truly immortal, or just slightly old.

Alec Guiness - Departed
Cookie monster
Sean Connery
Brian Blessed
Oliver Reed - Departed
Rolf Harris
Billy fane AKA Geoff
Bronson aka Jeffrey Walker
Tony Robinson as the sherrif of Nottingham
Green Giant (ho ho ho)

Obsession Level