Dates Of Obsession

From around the 12th of Oct 2001. and still going finished april 2002.


Story Behind Obsession

Well it started off with our Geoff (from Byker Grove) just being an immortal, but due to the effort it took to find a picture of him and also the realisation of how cool he was I decided that he deserved his own obsession and also his own religion. Anyone who's anyone will recognise our Geoff from the popular children's TV program Byker Grove, this show still carries on today, but at times when I have seen it seemed not half as good as it was when I was a child (hmmm maybe because I'm not a child anymore). Anyway Geoff ran the Grove, which was like a place for youngsters to just hang out and socialise.

For myself and I'm sure many others Geoff was a kind of surrogate father, who helped raise me. It is for this reason that when I found out that the actor who played him was dead (even though this was probably an evil rumour) I was devastated, and I just couldn't handle this loss, when someone else told me that they were pretty sure he was still alive I was ecstatic, and I then spent further hours on the Internet searching for information on whether Billy Fane (aka Geoff Keegan) was still alive, in the end someone on a Byker Grove club told me that he was still alive. Until I hear otherwise I have decided to grant him his life.



Geoff would often give the kids at the grove warnings not to do certain things (e.g. going in the attic, playing with the fire extinguisher) because they were dangerous, he would almost inevitably be let down.

Geoff's real name is Billy Fane

Billy Fane also plays a small part in the film 'Billy Elliot' and also in 'Purely Belter'

I am pondering Starting a new religious cult (you can never have too many religious nuts) who will follow the ways of Geoffism and never go in the attic (as it's dangerous). If you would be interested in joining this religion please email me here telling me why you want to devote you life (and also all your worldly possessions) to the church of Geoff.

At uni my obsession deepened, the first thing I asked many people was whether they knew whether Geoff was dead or not, I got quite a reputation in fact, many people would ask me about him and my obsession, and to help illustrate I stuck a picture of him (right) up on the kitchen notice board, I was quite shocked when I found the picture had been totally vandalised and desecrated, and all by the next morning, some people just don't understand, but I'll show them, I'll show them ALL!!!

NEW I have finally found the answer to the question that has plagued mathematicians and philosophers alike since the dawn of time, namely 'Is Geoff dead?' I can now tell you that HE IS ALIVE!!! I always knew he was! I found this information from my good friend Michael Parker, Apparently his friend knows that Geoff is currently in Manchester working in a prison teaching inmates drama. Now it is possible that this is all an elaborate lie to play with mine (and my millions of readers) hearts, but I prefer to believe that it is true. I am not quite sure if the above is exactly as told to me, but I will make sure that I verify it for you.


Obsession Level